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Clam trap

This is a trap which up until recently was being used on shooting estates across Scotland, but was not a recognised or an approved trap. Its official use is to capture birds such as magpies, rooks and crows, however evidence gathered suggests that this trap was also being set up to catch and kill raptors.

The law in Scotland now officially permits this trap to be used, but with some changes to how they should operate. Previously these traps used carrion, often in the form of a dead rabbit or hare, placed at the bottom of the trap. The trap has a false perch which collapses when pressure is placed on it and the cage, formed of two parts with a spring connecting both, slams shut and catches the bird in it.

The new law now requires that only eggs and bread can be used as bait in Scotland. This legislation should prevent birds of prey getting caught in them, although the trap still remains controversial as it is indiscriminate and may cause harm and a high level of distress to any bird that is trapped. It also poses a threat to mammals such as the protected Pine Marten.


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Project Raptor warns local community of poisoning

After more poison was discovered in the area of Abington and Leadhills in South Lanarkshire, this time found in the body of a peregrine falcon, Project Raptor has again visited these local communities and distributed posters alerting them to the persecution of birds of prey in their area as well as to the dangers of coming into contact with the poison.

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Hen Harrier

We will offer you reports and images related to the threats that raptors are facing within the Scottish countryside today. This website will be of interest to those who are active in raptor protection and conservation and people who would just like to learn more about the threats facing birds of prey.
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What you can do


On our ‘Eagle Eye’ page we also offer advice and guidance in identifying the various methods that criminals may use to target and kill raptors as well as directing you to the people that can help if you do come across an incident which you believe may be related to raptor persecution.
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