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Project Raptor would always advise and encourage anybody who has come across something that they believe to be suspicious in relation to a possible wildlife crime offence, to make contact as soon as possible with the people who can help.

Who you should contact

If you do discover something whilst you’re out and about in the countryside which you think may involve a criminal offence then we would advise contacting the police as soon as you can. We would also advise contacting the RSPB and passing the information onto them too. If the incident is in relation to an injured or captured bird of prey then contact the SSPCA immediately for assistance.

Often wildlife crimes will occur in remote areas of the countryside and so it is important to establish exactly where you are and the location of the incident. We would always advise you to have as much information as possible to hand, such as your location or the location of the incident, when contacting somebody for help and advice, especially if you feel that an urgent response to the scene is required. Specialised departments within the SSPCA and RSPB, who regularly deal with incidents in remote countryside areas, will often have a better knowledge to be able to pinpoint your exact location, using Ordinance Survey and GPS, than the police, who tend to primarily deal with incidents in more built up areas in and around towns and cities. However, they must be informed of any potential crimes, but the two organisations mentioned here may be able to contact them on your behalf and work with them to assist with any wildlife crime incident.

If you do report an incident to the police then ask for a report or incident number. This will identify the incident if you have to contact them again to follow up on a case.

Police Scotland: Non emergency – 101  Emergency – 999.

RSPB: 01767 693690

SSPCA: 03000 999 999 (Calls are treated in the strictest confidence and information can be left anonymously) 

Remember; if in doubt call them out!

Project Raptor would always advise and encourage anybody who has come across something that they believe to be suspicious, in relation to a possible wildlife crime offence, to make contact as soon as possible with the people who can help. They will give advice and depending on the circumstances may attend the scene immediately to investigate the incident or even rescue an animal that is alive and has been the victim of a possible crime.

This guide is here for everybody who uses the Scottish countryside, whether it is for recreation or anything else. Here at Project Raptor we would hope that our advice and information will give people a better understanding of what they can look out for and encourage them to be more mindful of the crimes occurring in our countryside against raptors. However, we would warn that anybody who does come across an incident, particularly involving poison or who sees a person who they believe is misusing a firearm to kill a protected bird, to keep away and contact one of the telephone numbers given here. We would never encourage anybody to approach a person who they believe is in the act of committing a crime and instead report the incident to the appropriate people who may be able to act on the incident immediately.

If you feel comfortable to do so and you have a camera handy then you may want to record what you have found. Physically interfering with a possible crime scene or evidence would be a criminal offence, but photographing or filming the incident may be useful at a later stage. You could pass the images onto a relevant animal protection organisation or you may want to make contact with the media who could have an interest in the incident.

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After more poison was discovered in the area of Abington and Leadhills in South Lanarkshire, this time found in the body of a peregrine falcon, Project Raptor has again visited these local communities and distributed posters alerting them to the persecution of birds of prey in their area as well as to the dangers of coming into contact with the poison.

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About Project Raptor

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We will offer you reports and images related to the threats that raptors are facing within the Scottish countryside today. This website will be of interest to those who are active in raptor protection and conservation and people who would just like to learn more about the threats facing birds of prey.
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What you can do


On our ‘Eagle Eye’ page we also offer advice and guidance in identifying the various methods that criminals may use to target and kill raptors as well as directing you to the people that can help if you do come across an incident which you believe may be related to raptor persecution.
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