Looking out for Scotland's birds of prey

After more poison was discovered in the area of Abington and Leadhills in South Lanarkshire, this time found in the body of a peregrine falcon, Project Raptor has again visited these local communities and distributed posters alerting them to the persecution of birds of prey in their area as well as to the dangers of coming into contact with the poison.

Carbofuran, generally the poison of choice by wildlife criminals targeting raptors, was discovered to have been used in this latest incident.

The information view the notice here (PDF), distributed by Project Raptor as part of its ongoing community awareness initiative, has also asked for people to come forward if they have any information which will assist in catching the criminal or criminals responsible, pointing out that whoever the poisoner is will have set out this deadly and illegal chemical with the full knowledge that he or she would be putting the public at serious risk of harm.

Community notices at Leadhills and Abington